Do you take proper care of your intimate health?

Each woman should know what the main symptoms and problems for which she should address to her gynecologist immediately are. Healthcare of the intimate region and reproductive organs is very important, and therefore it is crucial to be regular, at least an annual visit to the gynecologist. Regarding this kind of health, without regular checkups, we can miss some of the very serious problems, because the symptoms can be very weak. It is therefore important to pay attention.

Remember that you are not a gynecologist

As far as you know your body and what you like, do not treat yourself on your own. In the pharmacies, we have many products for the suppression of vaginal immunosuppression, but we advise you not to use them without consulting a gynecologist. By using them on your own, you can just complicate things.

Take care when purchasing your underwear

Thongs or ordinary panties? Regarding this choice, experts have a divided opinion. While some consider women not to wear thongs, others have nothing against it as long as they are comfortable. You know, first of all, it must be comfortable and should not be narrow. Pantyhose panties can irritate the periphery of the butt, and since they are in contact with the anus, there is a risk of bacterial transmission. The more important it is to change the laundry every day because of the hygiene.

Abundant periods

If your period lasts for more than 5 days, do not ignore this. There are women for which this is natural, but if it’s not the case with you, and your menstruation lasts too long, contact a gynecologist.

Talk to gynecologist about painful sex

If you feel constant pain during sex, then you should not hide this from a doctor, because the cause can be more serious things like vaginal infection, fibroids, endometriosis or cysts.

Do not diagnose yourself on the Internet.

Most of us are like to “google” the symptoms and everything they know. This way, you can come up with various, mostly inaccurate conclusions. Instead of google, tell your gynecologist the symptoms.