To fight or to go: How to know if it’s time to break up?

The time spent “we” instead of “I” has changed your view of the world, the status of friends and family, your lifestyle, and even your diet… It’s no wonder that you are scared of the idea of being alone again. There is only one way to win the fear. You can’t ignore it.

You do not like the person you became

Do you feel crazy when you hear yourself criticizing him almost every day? Do you, despite the fact that you like to go out, stay at home every weekend? Relationships are like chemical reactions that the two combine to do. Once you understand what you have become in that relationship and that you do not like it, it’s time to remind yourself of who you are and what you would like to be.

He deceived you

So he cheated on you. Misery does not mean the end. It happens that the connections are strengthened in such situations. Forgiveness is as effective as faithfulness, and confidence can be restored if both sides are ready to do so. But you need to set boundaries. If you realize that you continually forgive him, it will lower your confidence and weaken your self-esteem, while he will remains intact.


You fooled him

Do not even try to get rid of your guilt by acknowledging it and putting yourself in a stressful situation. No, if it’s a stupid mistake from which you learned a lesson. But if you are unwilling to get his attention or hurt him, then infidelity means a much more serious problem in your relationship – one that should be put to the test. Otherwise, the connection is over. Facing the fact that your connection is over and that it’s time to get out of it.

He hit you!

When physical violence occurs, a smart woman is already at the door before her spirit (but also her body) is endangered. Even if he asks you to return and promises to seek help, wait from a safe distance.